Brach’s launches ‘turkey dinner’ flavored candy corn

As if candy corn wasn’t already controversial enough, it’s back with all new Thanksgiving dinner-inspired flavors.

Illinois based sweets company Brach’s released its latest take on the loved and loathed seasonal candy: turkey dinner flavor, replete with all of the traditional trimmings.

Brach’s candy corn creation comes packed with some of the most iconic Thanksgiving dinner flavors, including roasted turkey, green beans, ginger-glazed carrot, sweet potato pie and cranberry sauce. 

Instagram user Hustlekitten spotted the a package of the new candy at a local Walgreens. 

“I’m a freak who loves regular candy corn but I’m going to have to pass on these,” the user wrote. 

And while hearty, comforting fall meals may feel like something to cheer about this summer, not everyone is celebrating. 

One Twitter user wrote, “Make 2020 stop. Read the list of flavors crammed into each one of these pieces of candy corn -- green beans, cranberry sauce, turkey. No. No. No.”

Another person tweeted, “Y'all ready to admit Candy Corn is the Devil's work yet?”

Even Elvira, known for her iconic role as the Mistress of the Dark and self-proclaimed queen of Halloween, weighed in in defense of Candy Corn, but added skepticism over the twist on the classic treat. 

And it’s no wonder that a turkey-flavored candy corn is so controversial. 

According to a 2019 survey by which accounted for responses from over 30,000 people, candy corn was voted the most-hated Halloween treat in the U.S.

“People love to love it and love to hate it,” Clair Robins with said. “Buyers vote with their wallets, whereas haters don’t have that option. You can’t negative buy something just to demonstrate your hate for it. The haters are more vocal, so that’s why you see them on the Worst Halloween candy list. They respond to our surveys with violent vitriol.”

But despite the hate, candy corn is still the most popular candy in seven states and No. 6 overall across the country, according to the Associated Press.