Brooklyn igloo listed on Airbnb

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A group of friends with some time on their hands thanks to the blizzard built a "Boutique Winter Igloo for 2" in their Greenpoint, Brooklyn, backyard and then posted the space for rent on Airbnb for $200.

The listings said they would provide blankets, lights and pillows covered in plastic

The listing said the igloo was "dripping with ingenuity".

Justin Griffin and Patrick Horton built the igloo on Saturday outside of their apartment and listed it Sunday morning.  They said that anyone who rented out the igloo could have used their apartment's bathroom.

Airbnb pulled the posting Sunday night because it didn't meet "occupancy standards."

The pair claims that Airbnb offered them a $50 credit to rent out another igloo on the site after pulling their listing.

The pair said they don't know what Airbnb considers a legitimate rental igloo.s.