Brother v. Brother: Curry parents flip coin to decide which team T-shirt to wear

This is the Warriors fifith consecutive trip to the Western Conference finals.  But it's the first time ever that two brothers have played in the championship round.

Stephen Curry's younger brother Seth is with the Portland Trailblazers, the first pair of siblings to face off in a conference finals. 

Their sister posted on Instagram the coin toss between their dad Dell and mom Sonya to determine who wears which team's jersey.

Dad wore the Warriors jersey; mom, the Trailblazers.

Before the game, Dell showed a KTVU crew how they found a way not to choose: one team on the front of the jersey with the other team  on the back.

"The Warriors are my team tonight,  but I still got Portland in the back. This is going to be my thing the whole way. I can't go all in with one team," said Dell Curry.  

Dad says he hasn't given any advice to his sons. In his words,  he's just "letting them do their thing."
And no doubt, the Curry’s are as proud as can be.

"It's a dream come true as a former player to know the dedication and hard work that it takes to get here.  I was never fortunate enough to get this far in my career," said Dell Curry. 

"It's pretty amazing to see these guys playing against each other at this stage of the playoffs...such a great story," said Warriors Coach Steve Kerr.  
A  great story not missed by Warriors fans.

They  say this series against the Trailblazers has another special element:  Portland star Damian Lillard, an Oakland native. 

"I want him to do well, but just not that well," said Dianna Lyon, a Warriors fan in Oakland.  

"I'm sure he went to high school with half this place  here," said W. Kamau Bell about  Lillard.  Bell is a stand-up comedian, television host and Warriors fan.  "I'm a fan of greatness and this is greatness,"  said Bell.
For the Curry family, it was an emotional night.

"Somebody's going to lose at the end of the day.  It's difficult but I'm so proud of both of them,  not only the players they are but the men they are as well," said Dell Curry.  
The Warriors won Game 1. Game 2  will be played in Oracle Arena Thursday at 6 p.m.