Burglar helped himself to snacks, shower, clothes

Here is KTVU crime reporter Henry Lee's Rap Sheet blog for June 12, 2018:

BURGLAR MAKES HIMSELF AT HOME: A homeless burglary suspect in Berkeley helped himself to Doritos, a shower and an elderly homeowner's clothes, even telling the victim, "This is my house," police said.

The suspect, Nao Hamada Myers, 41, was arrested Friday after surprising the 77-year-old homeowner on Buena Vista Way, north of the UC Berkeley campus.

The incident began at 6 p.m. when the victim returned home and found an empty bag of Doritos and a used drinking glass in his kitchen. The homeowner also realized that his hidden spare key was missing from his back patio.

Knowing that he didn't leave those chips and glass when he left, the resident decided to check the rest of his house - and was stunned to find an intruder with long hair and a long beard in his master bedroom. 

The stranger and the bathroom floor were all wet, as if he had just taken a shower. The man had also filled the resident's hamper with his dirty clothes.

The intruder bellowed at the homeowner, "This is my house. You need to leave!"

Frightened, the man called police, reporting that a "crazy person" was inside his house. The victim estimated that the man could have been inside his wooded, hillside property for as long as four hours.

Officers arrived and found the suspect still inside the master bedroom.

"Surprisingly, the man had now dressed himself in a Dockers dress shirt, Land's End dress pants and a waist belt from the resident's wardrobe," police said.

Officers arrested Myers on suspicion of burglary and a probation violation. Alameda County prosecutors charged him with misdemeanor trespassing, but the case was dismissed after his probation for another case was extended until 2021, court records show.