Businesses near ballpark bustling as Bay Bridge Series plays to a packed house

The Bay Bridge Series: A's versus the Giants, gets underway Friday night in San Francisco. Businesses near Oracle ballpark say they're seeing a renaissance.

While those businesses may have made it through the pandemic, and are seeing a boom, the city says there's still a long way to go. 

Fans streamed in around the area near Oracle Park as they prepare for the Battle of the Bay.

"Today I think it's supposed to be at 100% capacity," said Garret Scott from Santa Cruz. "So, it's supposed to be pretty fun. I'm ready for the fans to be back. It makes the atmosphere a lot better."

All around San Francisco there are signs of a mixed recovery. Some businesses succeeding, others gone. The city's controller released a new study saying more than 45% of the city's small businesses remain closed.

Some visitors are seeing that their favorites haven't returned. "I'm sad," said Jessica Pappas from Santa Cruz. "I love Tender Greens, and there's obviously not one in Santa Cruz. So I used to live in Davis and I'd stop in San Jose to go to Tender Greens. So, I was trying to go there today but obviously, I can't now."

But, for those that did make it, like Death by Taco, they're seeing more business. "Yeah, it's been good man," said Kristian Cosentino from Death by Taco. "Well, the last two or three months when people started getting more a little bit more comfortable going out, it's been amazing."

Death by Taco survived by reaching out to and getting the support of neighbors in the community. Now, the restaurant is bustling. "We had our busiest week ever three weeks ago. Cinco de Mayo was the take off for our little world," said Cosentino. "I was here by myself thinking we'd have maybe 10 people, and instead we had a line down the street."

That boom in business has not been a blip, in fact with the Giants on a streak and full attendance at games, Death by Taco has taken an optimistic step. "Oh, I've hired nine employees," said Cosentino. "Nine employees in the last three weeks. So, those are nine people, I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but to us, that's a big piece of this place."

Some businesses that were forced to shut down say they're planning a comeback, and say they are working to hire employees.