SF mainstay Lee's Deli shops close its doors for good

Lee's Deli, a mainstay for diners looking for cheap eats in San Francisco's Financial District, has closed its doors for good. People in the area say the closure is a troubling sign for an area that still struggles in the post-pandemic era.

First Republic Bank plans for massive layoffs

First Republic Bank, headquartered in San Francisco, announced plans to layoff up to 25% of its staff. The layoffs come after the bank also announced that its depositors pulled out nearly $100 billion in recent months, leading many to speculate the bank could be the third major bank to collapse this year.

1-on-1 with Buttigieg: Transportation secretary talks floods, flights and funding

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is back in Washington D.C. after a stop in San Francisco to deliver a federal grant for the Golden Gate Bridge. Buttigieg spoke to KTVU after his department announced $29.4 million in emergency relief funds to help California repair roads, bridges and highways damaged in our deluge of storms.