Cal move-in day for thousands of students in Berkeley

Tuesday was  a big day for thousands of students at UC Berkeley.

They moved  into their dorm rooms, many with the help of family members.

There was a mood of excitement and nervous anticipation as they embark on this new chapter in their lives.

A KTVU crew found a mix of students from around the Bay Area and as far away as other countries such as Argentina and Canada,  moving in on this day. 

Two young men, one from Modesto, followed by one from Toronto, Canada, meet for the first time on this move-in day. 

Julian Perez and Harry Chen, both 18 years old, are forging a friendship as they venture into college life as young adults.
"We're here. We made it somewhere," says Julian of Modesto. 

Harry, from Canada, says he's a new member of the Cal marching band. 

He says his goal is to work in tech and do something with his love for music. "I'm very optimistic. Yeah, I'm very hopeful my years at Cal and beyond," says Harry.

The new roommates are settling into their life at Cunningham Hall. 
Julian says the political activism Berkeley's known for motivated him to chose CAL. 
The deep roots that we have with free speech, protests, how open we are to these kinds of things, all these difficult topics," says Julian. 
Down the hallway, Cassandra Maciel-Hernandez of Gilroy moved in with the help of her mother.
The incoming freshman plans to major in molecular biology and write for the Daily 
"I want to become an obstetrician and eventually work in third world countries and be a doctor there," says Cassandra. This is the first time she has lived away from home. 
"She knows never to walk alone. We've talked about safety. She's pretty smart. She knows how to look at her surroundings," says Carmen Maciel, Cassandra's mother. 
The young woman's optimism is coupled with idealism. "It's really important to be happy and help others. That's all I want to do in life," says Cassandra, "Wherever the world takes me, I'll go."  

Students and their families described this day as bittersweet. They were armed with bags, laundry baskets and luggage . The Class of 2022 is here and anxious to earn their degrees. 
Orientation starts Wednesday at  9 a.m.. The first day of classes is scheduled for Aug. 22.