These are California's 10 deadliest roads

For those of you who have driven in California, you know it's no easy feat. 

But did you know the nation's most populous state is home to some of the deadliest roads in the U.S.? 

That's according to MoneyGeek, which analyzed the most recent data available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The study looked at more than 10,000 fatal car accidents recorded from 2017 to 2019 and analyzed how factors such as drunk driving and speeding contributed to fatal crashes in the state. 

The study found California's deadliest stretch of road in San Bernardino County. The I-15 between exit 138 and exit 129 in Hesperia, about 35 miles north of downtown San Bernardino, was ranked the deadliest road.

Here are the top three deadliest roads in the LA metro area:

  1. I-605 from exit 5B to Firestone Boulevard in Norwalk/Cerritos
  2. SR-22 from exit 10 exit 5 in Garden Grove
  3. I-5 from exit 111 to 116 in Anaheim/Fullerton/Buena Park

Los Angeles County had more deadly accidents than any other county, with speeding and drunk driving contributing the most fatal accidents in the region. 

The Los Angeles metro area - home to approximately 13,214,799 people - was ranked as the fourth-most congested urban area in the U.S. in the 2021 Urban Mobility report.

From 2017-2019, Los Angeles recorded 2,169 fatalities and 3,047 fatal accidents - the most of any city in the study. 

California recorded a low rate of distracted driving, which made up 4% of total accidents compared to other states. 

Here's the full list of deadliest roads in California: 

  1. I-15 between exit 138 and exit 129: Hesperia
  2. I-80 between exit 14A and exit 8A: Berkeley/Oakland/Emeryville/Albany
  3. I-80 from exit 15 to exit 21: Richmond/El Cerrito/Pinole/San Pablo
  4. I-5 from Del Paso Rd. to Railyards Blvd: Sacramento
  5. I-215 from exit 44B to exit 39: Colton/San Bernardino
  6. SR-74 between Melba Ave. and 3rd St.: Menifee
  7. I-605 from exit 5B to Firestone Blvd.: Norwalk/Cerritos
  8. I-280 from Meridian Ave. to Wilshire Blvd.: San Jose
  9. Bear Valley Rd. between Navajo Rd. and Tamarski Rd.: Apple Valley/Hesperia
  10. SR-22 from exit 10 to exit 5: Garden Grove

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