California crews rescue disabled man, wife from floods

As rains and floods swirled in Sacramento County, firefighting crews in El Grove used a boat to rescue a disabled man and his wife out of their home after it became completely surrounded by rain water.

The boat on Monday had to make several trips through at least four to five feet of standing water to rescue the couple and move the man's hospital bed and wheelchair.

Dan Achondo lives next door to his mother and father-in-law, and said he was doing his best to pump out the water himself. He was grateful for the professional hlep. 

"I just kept watching the water rise and rise and my pump wasn't keeping up with it," he said. 

With another storm expected on Wednesday first responders said the family did the right thing getting out of the house.

This couple was lucky, a driver in Sacramento County was found dead on Sunday inside a submerged vehicle near Highway 99.