California food truck owner stabbed after stopping robbery of elderly woman

Bryan Tecun, owner of the Bryan’s Birrieria food truck, was hospitalized after stopping the robbery of an elderly woman in Long Beach, California. (GoFundMe)

A food truck owner in Southern California was hospitalized after he confronted a thief who allegedly assaulted and robbed an elderly woman.

Bryan Tecun, the owner of Bryan’s Birrieria food truck in Long Beach, California, was driving home when he witnessed a woman being robbed and assaulted, according to FOX 11.

Acting on instinct, the good Samaritan jumped out of his car and ran to help the elderly woman, the outlet reported.


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Authorities said he chased the suspect to a nearby park and tackled him down. Tecun was stabbed once in his rib cage and once between his neck and shoulder during the confrontation, police told FOX 11.

Tecun said that he first dismissed the need for any medical attention, but he began feeling dizzy.

"Police arrived, and they asked me to stay for medical aid, but I didn't think it was anything too severe," he told FOX 11. "I started sweating a lot, started feeling dizzy as I was driving."

Despite sustaining major injuries and ending up in the hospital with a collapsed lung and internal bleeding, Tecum is expected to make a full recovery.

"I wouldn't ever like for something like that to happen to one of my relatives or to my mom. I would hope somebody would step in," he said.