California lawmakers evacuate Sacramento building due to anthrax threat

Sacramento, CA - March 4: Murals in downtown Sactown (the city boasts more than 600). Many are products of the annual Wide Open Walls festival, which draws in local artists, as well as international talent.( Photo by Nick Otto for the Washington Post

California lawmakers were ordered to evacuate a building in downtown Sacramento on Thursday after receiving a suspicious package with a threat that it contained anthrax. 

The package was sent to a building just two blocks south of the state Capitol, where Gov. Newsom and members of the legislature all have offices. 

State officials say a specialist team tested the substance and confirmed that it was not anthrax nor was the substance dangerous. 

First responders included California Highway Patrol, the Sacramento Fire Department, and the California Office of Emergency Services. 

Senators and staff at the 1021 O Street building, where the threat was received on the 9th floor, were told to gather their belongings and leave the building as quickly as possible. 

Gov. Newsom is currently in Italy for a climate change summit. 


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