California mom beat toddler 'like a rag doll' on plane as passengers tried to intervene: court docs

A Sacramento, California, mom allegedly kicked and backhanded her 2-year-old daughter on a plane after her little one woke her up during a May 1 flight from Mexico, according to federal court documents.

Breanna Mistler, 33, allegedly shook her daughter "like a rag doll" while screaming, "Shut the f--- up," which sparked a fight with other passengers who tried to protect the child, court documents say.

Mistler allegedly turned her aggression toward the other passengers, and told them to "mind your f---ing business," court documents say.

This is the second time in less than six months that the Sacramento mother was charged with child endangerment. In December, she allegedly brought her daughter to burglarize her mother's home and slashed her mother's tires.

Mistler was arrested in Seattle when the Delta flight from Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, landed on May 1, and was charged in federal court with misdemeanor assault.

"Even by the horrific standards of child abuse cases, this is shocking," prosecutors wrote in the criminal complaint. "It is also the second time in six months that Mistler was charged with endangering her child."

Customs and Border Protection officers detained Mistler at the airport and noted bruises in multiple places on the toddler, federal prosecutors said in a press release. The Port of Seattle Police and the FBI took over the investigation.

The child was cared for by a victim witness specialist before Child Protective Services placed the 2-year-old with a relative.

The presiding judge ordered Mistler to be held behind bars "because (Mistler) had committed the assaults in front of so many people on a lengthy plane trip," court documents say. 

The next hearing scheduled in the case is a preliminary examination scheduled for May 16.

Fox News Digital reached out to Delta Air Lines for comment. 

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