California workers will get more paid sick time under new law

California workers will now have an increased guarantee of paid sick time following Gov. Newsom's signing of a new law on Wednesday.

Newsom signed SB 616 into law, ensuring that all California workers will receive a minimum of five paid sick days annually, an increase from the current three days.

"Too many folks are still having to choose between skipping a day's pay and taking care of themselves or their family members when they get sick," said Newsom.

SB 616 was authored by Sen. Lena Gonzales of Long Beach, who emphasized that the law will serve as a vital safety net for all California workers.

"Now, workers will no longer have to worry about how to make the month’s rent or how to keep food on the table while recovering from illness or caring for a loved one," said Ingrid Vilorio, a Jack in the Box worker from Castro Valley.

Labor unions in California had been advocating for an expansion of paid sick time, particularly in light of the increasing COVID cases.

The new law will go into effect on January 1, 2024.