California's largest reservoir near capacity

California's largest reservoir is near its capacity for the second straight year, but officials say there still is plenty of room to fill.

Shasta Lake has risen over a foot since last week, thanks to heavy rain over the weekend.

The lake is now just seven feet from its maximum capacity.

This marks the first time in over a decade that Shasta Lake has been nearly filled in back to back years.

"As you get really high in the lake, it gets really spread out, so every foot is a lot of water," said Don Bader, area manager for Northern California's Bureau of Reclamation. "So we're still 150,000-acre feet from being full. So we have got ample room and we've got inflow still coming in, so we expect it to continue to creep up."

As we approach summer, water officials say they're focused on maintaining that storage and preparing water allocations for farmers.