Calls for security cameras after 12th freeway shooting in CoCo Co. this year

San Pablo police say that investigators from the California Highway Patrol have contacted them and want to look at San Pablo's video from security cameras pointed along Interstate-80 that may help catch the latest freeway shooter from over the weekend. 

San Pablo Police Department has its own bank of 140 security cameras. One of the cameras is trained along the El Portal exit of I-80.

That's where a woman driver told authorities she heard gunshots and a loud boom outside her car Sunday afternoon.

The woman was not injured, but her rear Volkswagen window was shattered. San Pablo's shotspotter did not pick up the sound and alert police. 

"We're not exactly sure what the cameras captured. But we are confident that if anything occurred within that stretch we will have recorded something that will help the investigation," said San Pablo Police Commander Brian Bubar.

Authorities say this has been the twelfth shooting in Contra Costa County on a freeway in 2017.

Since November of 2015, eight people have died.

"It will be he one tool that will start to capture evidence. We'll be able to find people," said Hercules Vice Mayor Dan Romero. 

Romero has been advocating for a series of freeway cameras on Interstate 80 and Highway 4.

They will extend from Richmond to Hercules on I-80 and Pittsburg to Antioch on Highway 4.

"People have guns and unfortunately they use the on the freeway. But in this area I want to know I can travel at any time of the day and not have to worry about being shot," said Romero.

Officials say they expect to begin installing the freeway cameras sometime in January.