Cambodian woman attacked at San Leandro Safeway parking lot

A Cambodian woman who lives in the East Bay said she’s terrified to leave her house after she was attacked in a Safeway parking lot.

Pictures show 26-year-old Emily Chhun with a bloody face and broken nose after the May 11 attack outside the store on Washington Avenue in San Leandro. 

Chhun was robbed, punched, pistol whipped and knocked unconscious while sitting in her car in a Safeway parking lot.

"I’m not feeling safe anymore," Chuun said in an interview on Sunday night. "I went to Safeway to get some snacks. By the time I come back to my car I got robbed."

Chhun said the gunman took her purse and credit cards, and got angry when he only found $50s in her wallet. 

"I begged him not to kill me," she said.

Chhun is from Cambodia and thinks she may have been targeted because she’s Asian. 

"I was so scared. Right now I really want to go back to see my mom in Cambodia," said Chhun. "When I talk about the incident it makes me feel still in shock."

On Sunday, community activists held an "Stop Asian Hate" rally outside the store.

"This violence has to stop, just attacking people for no reason," said one man named JB. He said they wanted to raise awareness about the attack, and get justice for Chhun.

"We just want to let her know we are here for you," said JB.

Kelly Mean, one of the organizers of the rally, said he feels like people are getting attacked " because they feel like Asian people are not going to step up." 

Mean said he’s sick of seeing Asian businesses targeted, immigrants and elders attacked. 

He also spoke with Chhun and said she has been left traumatized.

"It’s no hate, we all gotta come together. As individuals, we are all human beings in life why hurt somebody else and rob somebody else," Mean said. 

Chhun described her attacker as a heavyset man in his 40’s with shoulder-length hair. 

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help pay for Chhun’s medical bills.