Campbell: Original home to eBay, started with apples

In 100 years, Campbell has gone from fields of luscious fruit orchards to a bustling list of profitable businesses.

The "Orchard City" is in the West Valley area of Santa Clara County, and part of Silicon Valley.

Now home to more than 42,000 people, Campbell  was founded by Benjamin Campbell in 1846. The town quickly becoming rich with farmers and fruit orchards.

In 1887, a railroad stop was built giving farmers a way to ship their crops worldwide and in 1919 the popular dried fruit company Sunsweet got its start in Campbell under a co-op of farmers called the California Prune and Apricot Growers Association.

The iconic water tower which can be seen from Highway 17, was built in 1928. The 75,000 gallon tank stands at an impressive 130-feet tall.

In 1952, Campbell was officially incorporated as a city. The "Orchard City" is home to the Prunyard shopping center, credited with a U.S. Supreme Court win in 1980 involving a free speech debate.

Campbell is also the original home of eBay and of its creator Pierre Omidyar, who launched the e-commerce corporation in 1995.

The company became a notable success story of the dot-com bubble.