Captain America shield, Russo brothers chairs donated to Smithsonian Museum of American History

With Avengers: Infinity War still hot in theaters, some special pieces of pop culture are coming to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Fans gathered at George Washington University on Monday night for an event hosted by the Smithsonian Associates to catch a glimpse of Captain America's shield, donated to the museum by Disney.

"We collect to demonstrate how entertainment shows the American story," says museum entertainment curator Ryan Lintelman.

The new pieces of the collection include two director's chairs actually used by Avengers directors Anthony and Joe Russo and a shield that was used in Captain America: Civil War.

The one at the museum is one out of 45 shields made for the film.

Watch the video in the player above to get a better look at the shield and chairs, and stay tuned to find out when they will be on display.