Car destroyed after crashing into Santa Rosa coffee shop

A driver was lucky to be alive after totaling his car by crashing into a Santa Rosa coffee shop early on Wednesday morning. 

Santa Rosa police said the driver, who was arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated, became trapped in the wrecked car after it slammed into the Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii location

The coffee shop suffered major damage as well.

"The car was just destroyed," said Tony Deatherage, the coffee shop owner. "The roof was cut off. I don't know how the guy survived."

Santa Rosa police said that a driver was under the influence when he was speeding and crashed into Bad Ass Coffee on April 14, 2022 

The DUI suspect was identified as Ronal Chuc Comez, 21. He was hospitalized after firefighters used hydraulic tools to remove him from the crumpled car.

Police said Comez was speeding when he went around a curve on West 9th Street and hit a grass berm, sending him through a parking lot on Stony Point Road. Then, the car struck a tree, "causing the vehicle to spin and crash into the glass storefront."

Deatherage said he would repair the store and reopen it, mentioning that his business had survived other adversities, including wildfires. 

Santa Rosa police said Ronal Chuc Comez, 21, was arrested for alleged DUI after crashing into a coffee shop on April 14, 2022. (KTVU FOX 2)