Car flies over Oakland carport, driver assaults police officer and paramedic

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Oakland police said a car was traveling south on Golf Links Boulevard near the Oakland Zoo at a high rate of speed on Wednesday, drove up a private driveway, flew airborne over a carport and landed slightly down an embankment. A tree stopped the car from landing on house. 

Fire crews responded to Dorisa Avenue  at 6:16 a.m. but the driver allegedly got out of the vehicle and walked away, Oakland police said. 

A few minutes later, a separate call went out regarding a man who was seen walking in the street near Golf Links and Calafia Avenue. Authorities later determined the man came from the vehicle crash at the carport. 

Paramedics started treating him, but police say he started assaulting the paramedic crew. 

Police got involved, but the man then got into a physical altercation with an officer where the man punched the officer in the face, Oakland police said.

The 38-year-old man was ultimately transported to Highland Hospital. The extent of his injuries are unknown. He was later arrested for attempted murder and four counts of assault, officials said. 

Homeowners on this private road say feel lucky the accident didn't hurt family or neighbors. 

The Oakland police officer was also transported to Highland Hospital with abrasions to the face and hands.