Car slams into San Jose family's house, driver flees the scene

A driver in San Jose plowed into a family's home and ran away early Friday morning, leaving the residents shocked and the neighborhood without power.

The crash happened around 12:49 a.m., according to San Jose Police.

 The damage to the house located at 1421 Willow Street is significant, and nearby homes lost power as result.

Lisa Swenson, who lives in the house, called the situation "devastating." The family remodeled the house less than two years ago.

Swenson said she heard a loud bang, and the whole house shook.

"We came to see what was happening, and there was a car in our front room," Swenson said.

The car, still at the scene, appeared totaled. The driver likely fled the scene. Neighbors say police are still looking for the driver.

"I was pretty surprised that there was nobody in the vehicle," Brendan Hutchinson, a neighbor who came outside after hearing the crash, said.  "It doesn't look like it has airbags or anything, so it's a pretty nasty accident to walk away from." 

No one in the home was injured, according to police.

The house has doorbell cameras and exterior security cameras. Hutchinson said he hopes the crash and driver are visible on camera.

San Jose police are investigating the incident as a hit and run.