San Jose sideshows: 3 seriously injured as spectators aim gunfire at SJPD helicopter

The San Jose Police Department said three pedestrians were struck by cars Saturday night during illegal sideshows.

One of the collisions happened at Lundy Avenue and Concourse Drive. SJPD said several others took place throughout the city.

SJPD said one of the victims sustained broken bones and a head injury. Officers arrested the suspect in that collision and towed his vehicle. 

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The second victim sustained a broken leg and lacerations, authorities said. The suspect fled.

A third spectator arrived at the local hospital with brain injury and head trauma, police said. That person is in critical condition.

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Besides the collisions, police said there was gunfire and laser strikes aimed at their helicopter above. They said the laser strikes can cause severe eye injuries to those on the aircraft, and warn they "will continue to respond to this dangerous activity with available resources."

SJPD said illegal fireworks were also reported during the sideshows.