Tourists heartbroken after kitten stolen in San Francisco during smash-and-grab

A Southern California couple traveling to San Francisco ahead of Christmas with their kitten did not get the holiday vacation they hoped for: Their beloved Minnelusa was stolen from their car as they shopped in The City.

"I feel helpless, sad, frustrated, and desperate," Karla Cardosa wrote in a long Facebook post.

She and her husband, Cesar Granados, drove up from Anaheim and were doing some shopping on Dec. 20.

They parked their car at the Lombard Street parking garage. It was cold out and Cardosa said that they put their kitten in a special, ventilated backpack to keep her warm. Cardosa covered the backpack with a blanket.

The two headed off to shop.

But upon returning, Cardosa said she returned to a "heartbreaking scene."

The glass was shattered on their car. And the backpack with the little cat was gone. She was named after Minnelusa Canyon Road near Big Bear, a popular winter resort the couple is fond of. 
"This was devastating news that broke our hearts already few days of Christmas," Cardosa said.

The couple said they filed a police report, printed 200 fliers and started scouring animal shelters. Their cat does not have a chip. All to no avail.

"We feel helpless, sad, and we suffer because our just family member is not with us," Cardosa said. "We miss her and we want her back with us, we want to hug her and be by her side." 

If anyone has information about Minnelusa, please email Cesar Granados.