Celebrating a meow-some day with furry family members

To celebrate this meow-some day, we asked Bill Martin and Claudine Wong to introduce us to their paw-some feline family members.

"I have been owned by Molly for over 14 years," said Bill Martin. "I adopted Molly from the Livermore Animal Shelter."

Bill Martin, celebrates his cat, Molly. 

Martin says Molly's most endearing quality is that she is "really mean and gets me to do whatever she wants." 

Claudine Wong adopted her cat, Bethica, when she showed up at Wong's house. 

Claudine Wong celebrates her cat, Bethica. 

"I’m allergic, so she doesn't come inside, but she comes to eat and drink and hang out with us outside," said Wong. "She's super friendly, always wants her head scratched and let me put a flea collar on her and comes now when we call.  Even our dog Leo knows she's now just part of the family."