Woman beats cancer and accepts proposal from high school sweetheart on the same day

A woman beat cancer and accepted a marriage proposal from her high school sweetheart in North Carolina.

Footage posted to TikTok shows 27-year-old Angelica May walking out into the hallway of Novant Health Zimmer Cancer Institute in Wilmington after completing her last chemotherapy session for stage-two triple-negative breast cancer.

The video starts with May ringing the bell, emotional but smiling and holding up a certificate of completion.

Several people are also recording her big moment and giving her hugs, and countless staff members are also standing by in support.

As she gets ready to turn a corner, someone asks her if she’s ready and if she’s "got this?" She says yes but wasn’t expecting what she saw next – a red carpet, surrounded by even more people with her boyfriend, Imeek Watkins, waiting at the end.

May immediately covers her face and starts crying again when she realizes what’s waiting for her. 

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"You did it! You did it, beautiful!" several loved ones call out to her, clapping and handing her roses, as she walks towards her boyfriend. 

Watkins greets her with a hug and says she just got 10 roses to signify the 10 years they’ve been together. 

He then plays a congratulatory video message from their young niece, which ends with her saying that her uncle would like to know, ‘Will you marry me?’

Their loved ones gasp and cheer as Watkins begins his proposal to say how proud he is of her. 

She accepts, to a big round of applause, and shows off her ring. 

"He had my whole medical team on board with his planning and they were crying happy tears," May told Storyful.

She posted the video saying that day, March 20, 2024, will be one she cherishes endlessly.

This story was reported from Detroit.