Children with special needs go surfing

Children and young adults who have illnesses or special needs don't always have the opportunity to spend a day at the  beach.

But a foundation in Santa Barbara has taken steps to give them the opportunity to frolic in the surf and go kayaking, just like everybody else.

Many parents say it;s the first time their kids have been able to act like kids at the beach.

Kids and young adults spent the day surfing, kayaking and testing their limits at Leadbetter beach.

The event is made possible by the Best Day foundation, a non-profit dedicated to helping children dealing with special needs or illnesses.

Volunteers like Max Wilshinsky share their experience and passion about the ocean with kids like Mauricio..or "Mo Money" as he calls him.

"To see the smile on his face that's genuine that's original. You really can't find that any other place or time. It's a special moment with the volunteer and participant," Wilshinsky said.

Evan McDonnell's 9-year old daughter Maya has autism.

"The simplest things that other people take for granted are huge challenges daily for us," she said.

Maya has a hard time socializing, except when she's out on the water learning how to surf.

"This is pretty much amazing. You would never see her walk off with a group of strangers to go do something like this in any other environment. Here you can see where I'm at, I'm hanging out with you guys and she's having the time of her life."