Chilling details emerge in San Francisco drifters' preliminary hearing

Chilling new details emerged today in the preliminary hearing against two drifters charged with murdering two people in San Francisco and Marin County last year.

The preliminary hearing is like a  pre-cursor to a trial.

Inside a Marin courtroom, Sean Angold, a self-confessed methamphetamine dealer, became emotional as he described how he and two accomplices shot and killed two people during a drug-infused crime spree last year.
Angold is perhaps the key witness in the preliminary hearing for his two former friends, Lila Alligood and Morrison Lampley, both charged with double murder.

Angold already pleaded guilty to second degree murder in exchange for testifying against the other two.
Outside court Alligood's attorney said Angold was not telling the truth.

"He is lying to save his skin," said Alligood's attorney Amy Morton.

Angold testified they first met and befriended 23-year-old Canadian tourist Audrey Carey at San Franciscan's Ocean Beach.

But before long, he said he and Lampley hatched a plan to rob her.
Agold said they then lured Carey into Golden Gate Park where Angold says Alligood tackled Carey and straddled her chest.

Angold began crying as he recounted what happened next to Carey.

"I heard Mr. Lampley say ‘Shut up or I'll kill you.’ She said ‘Just kill me then’. Then I heard a pop. I said ‘what the hell?’ He said ‘She's dead, dude, don't worry about it.’"

Angold said the next day the trio decided they needed a car to head north.

They saw a middle aged man, Steve Carter park his car And head toward a hiking trail near Fairfax with his dog. The three drifters waited for him to return.

Angold testified he heard a shot.

"I saw the man we were supposed to rob stumble. Then I saw Mr. Lampley fire more rounds."

Carter's dog was also shot, but survived.

Angold testified he had to wash the blood off the money they stole from Carter's pockets.

"All this business he is talking about you can see he has put himself in a passive position. And that is just not the way it went down," said Morton.

The defense strategy  is to make Lampley and Alligood appear to have less responsible for the killings, in an attempt to save them from first degree murder charges which can carry life sentences without parole.