Chinatown jewelry store nearly robbed, SFPD seeking suspect

San Francisco Police Department is seeking the public's help in identifying a suspect accused of attempting to rob a Chinatown jewelry store at gunpoint last month. 

The robbery attempt happened on February 3rd and was caught on camera. The armed man knocked down a store employee but was prevented from getting away with the loot. 

Police hope clear photos and surveillance video of the armed robbery suspect, taken from those cameras along Grant Avenue, will help them solve what they describe as a violent crime at Lufook Jewelry Store that took place at 12:30 p.m.

"This robbery is quite brazen, because the suspect goes into the store and even knocks over one of the employees even before trying to commit the robbery. The suspect proceeds to take a hammer and smashes several display cases," said SFPD Officer Grace Gatpandan. 

The video inside the store shows the suspect coming in with his face hidden. the assistant manager says the gunman was wearing a surgical mask and that he was unable to break the glass cases because they are made of bullet proof material. 

The assistant manager said the gunman left after about two minutes. 

"It's definitely shocking. I didn't know about it. I imagine it happens. It's terrifying, especially in the middle of the day. You wouldn't expect it," said Christy Morales, a former San Francisco resident. 

The assistant manager said the suspect was seen outside watching the jewelry store for about 10 minutes before he rushed in and told the three workers to get down. 

"It's very obvious that he was using force and fear in this robbery, even though he didn't get away with anything from inside. It's still an attempted robbery," said Officer Gatpandan. 

The suspect is described as being 20-25 years old with a slender build. Police say they are confident he will be caught, but are asking for help in identifying the suspect. 


News Release 17-031 Jewelry Store Robbery on Grant St. from San Francisco Police on Vimeo.