CHP arrests 891 people over holiday weekend while crashes kill 15

The California Highway Patrol had officers out this holiday weekend, cracking down on reckless and impaired drivers.

Memorial Day Weekend is a "maximum enforcement period."

The CHP headquarters said officers across the state made 891 arrests since Friday afternoon. At least 15 people were killed in vehicle collisions.

Officer Andrew Barclay said Memorial Day is traditionally a busy time, and all resources are on the road.

"Memorial Day weekend is most commonly associated with the beginning of summer," Barclay said, "We have a lot of parties, we have a lot of people out celebrating that first long weekend."

One of those arrested was Paul Pelosi, the husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. He was arrested and charged for suspected driving under the influence of alcohol. The CHP said the 82-year-old’s Porsche collided with another vehicle while Mr. Pelosi. was trying to cross SR-29 from Walnut Lane.

Pelosi’s spokesperson sent KTVU an email that said his car was hit by a Jeep. 

Part of the statement reads, "Mr. Pelosi was attending a dinner party at the home of friends near Oakville. He left that party at 10:15 p.m. Saturday, to drive to his home a short distance away. He was alone in his car. After stopping at the intersection of Walnut Drive and Highway 29, and proceeding across Highway 29 to Oakville Cross Road, his car was hit on the back fender by a Jeep heading southbound on Highway 29."

Nobody was hurt in the crash.