CHP asks for motorists' help investigating 880 freeway shooting in Hayward

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California Highway Patrol is asking for motorists who may have seen a freeway shooting Thursday evening in Hayward to come forward with any information that may help them with their investigation. 

It happened around six o'clock in the height of rush-hour traffic in the northbound lanes of I-880 just before the 238 interchange. Fortunately no one was hurt. 

Police say the shooters got away, but not before making the tires on a white Jeep go flat. Officers say they have little to go on since the victims in the case, weren't able to give them a good description of the suspect or the vehicle. 

Investigators say someone driving along 880 northbound near Hesperian Boulevard opened fire on the Jeep. CHP shut down the northbound lanes as they collected evidence. They say the shooter sprayed the passenger side of the Jeep in a sweeping motion from the back to the front. 

The two people inside were not injured, but by luck, as they drove the Jeep off the exit ramp, they ran into CHP officers who were working on an unrelated case. They then pulled up behind the officers and told them they were shot at. 

An alert was posted on Twitter by the CHP at 7:20 p.m. reporting a shooting on or near Interstate Highway 880 between Hacienda Avenue and Interstate Highway 238. 

Responding officers noticed bullet holes in the Jeep and began a search for evidence on the freeway that lasted for the better part of an hour before the lanes were reopened. 

"The bullets caused the vehicle to become disabled. As the vehicle began losing pressure in the tires it became disabled and as they were moving to the shoulder and they took the 238 and we believe the suspects the shooters continued on 880 Northbound," CHP Officer Manuel Leal said. 

Anyone who may have been driving in that area and who saw or heard the gunfire is asked to call CHP.