CHP officer saves newborn baby who wasn't breathing after he was born in car on highway

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A California Highway Patrol Officer being hailed a hero for saving the life of a newborn who wasn't breathing just after he was born on the highway.

Baby Ezekiel's  parents were en route to the hospital in Roseville from Stockton on Tuesday night as mother Tiffana Lemaster went into labor, Fox 40 in Sacramento reported.

But she had her husband didn't make it in time. Ezekiel was born in the family car on Interstate 5.

Officer Philip Dibene arrived at the scene just as the baby's head was coming out. Ezekiel's father, Calvin Thompson said they handed their son to the officer. 

Dibene, a father of four, remained calm, his training took over and his faith kicked in. 

"In my mind, I'm praying, 'God, make this a good outcome for this baby, for this family," he told the station.

He tapped on the baby's back, gently but firmly. In moments, he said, the baby spit out whatever was in his mouth. He started to cry and "move and flail his little arms," Dibene said.

Both parents feel relief and blessed that the officer showed up when he did and that their baby appears fine and healthy.

"Fate, we definitely rely on God," Thompson said. "It couldn't have worked out any other way."

Fox 40's Rowena Shaddox reported this story.