City of San Francisco takes down statue of naked Donald Trump

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A statue of a naked Donald Trump that appeared in San Francisco's Castro district Thursday was taken down overnight by city crews.

That statue popped up at the corner of Castro and Market Thursday, but now it's gone.
Lefty O'Doul's, a well-known San Francisco restaurant, wants to put it on display.

Cell phone video from overnight shows city crews removing the statue of a naked Donald Trump.
San Francisco's Department of Public Works said the statue had to go, because there was no permit giving permission to put it there.

On Thursday Rachel Gordon from SF Department of Public Works said it was determined that the statue would be coming down but that it was undetermined when. The reason given was that there was no permit issued to have the stature placed at the location. Gordon called it a, "potential safety hazard."

"We will try to do our best to keep it intact and we'll store it," she added.
A group, described as an anarchist art collective, known as "In Decline" is taking credit for the statue. The group has reportedly named the political art project "The Emperor Has No Balls."

The same group that planted the statue in San Francisco also put statues in New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Seattle.

Trump's supporters took to social media to complain that the statues show disrespect to a presidential candidate.