Clear skies for jogging in the fog: Dozens turn up for Pacifica's annual Fog Fest

Tents stretched for 15 blocks along Palmetto Avenue and the weather couldn't have felt better.

Fog Fest kicked off Sunday morning with its traditional annual fog jog run.

A small group of runners took on five miles along the ocean burning the calories to make room for the food and drinks the fest has to offer.

"One of the best city festivals I've been to, organization-wise, the variety of things to do see here and eat, lots of food…tons of folk art, and great merchandise," said volunteer Matthew Schuller.

Organizers say Fog Fest is Pacifica's best way to get everyone in the community together. Almost every person involved in putting it together is a volunteer.

"You're doing it for the nonprofits. You see the communities come together; this street is full, full all day long, just the camaraderie and the volunteerism is what makes it so great," said Fog Fest event coordinator Cathy Johnson.

Fog Fest is centered around community. Part of the money made on Sunday will go back to local nonprofits. Last year, organizers say they were able to donate more than $92,000.