Co-workers remember cyclist killed in San Jose hit-and-run as 'hardworking'

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Co-workers of Teodoro Arredondo describe the dishwasher who worked at San Jose's popular Santana Row as hardworking, who at one point, worked two jobs to support himself.

On Wednesday, the Santa Clara County Coroner's Office identified the 44-year-old as the bicyclist killed in Friday's unsolved hit and run. His co-workers are now raising money to help his family bury him in Mexico.

His co-workers at Left Bank considered him family. They placed candles and flowers on South Winchester Boulevard where he died within a mile from where he lived. Police haven't made any arrests although they did recover the car involved.

Inside Left Bank Restaurant, the mood among staff is a somber one. One of their beloved employees Teodoro Arredondo who they called Teo is gone.

"I couldn't believe it," said David Bastide said Arredondo's boss. "Then I was sad and soon after when I got the details and read even more, after sadness I was mad."

Bastide is the head chef and said the dishwasher of nearly three years never missed a day of work all to make ends meet. He couldn't afford a car so he rode his bike everywhere.

On Friday, just after midnight, Arredondo was riding his bike when he was struck and killed on South Winchester Boulevard near Driftwood. Parts of the mangled bike were scattered on the roadway.

"Honestly how can you hit somebody and leave them to die on the side of the road like an animal," said Bastide. "I can't even imagine that. Grant it maybe the person panicked, whatever the issue is, you can't do that."

Later in the day, police recovered the suspect's car a red Honda Del Sol, a few blocks away from the crash site. A taqueria owner spotted it in a parking lot. The heavily damaged car found abandoned and license plates missing.

"Everytime I talk about it, it hurts because I don't think it was his time to go," said Miguel Cerezo who is the victim's friend.

Cerezo worked alongside Arredondo. At one point, Arredondo also worked next door as a dishwasher at Sino's Restaurant. Co-workers are raising money for his funeral.

Their goal is $2,500 so his body can be returned to his family in Mexico. The general manager of Left Bank Restaurant said he'll match it.