Coastal cleanup volunteer finds leftover from cremated remains in Marin County

A volunteer in Marin County participating in the annual California Coastal Cleanup Day found a card associated with the cremated remains of someone from North Carolina, the California Coastal Commission said Saturday.   

The volunteer's discovery was judged one of the cleanup day's most unusual items and earned a $100 prize, the Coastal Commission said in a statement.   

Organizers speculated that the card was a result of someone's wish for their ashes to be spread off the California coast.   

Thousands of volunteers combed California's coast and inland shoreline collecting more than 67 tons of trash and recyclable materials, the Coastal Commission said.   

With half of the 700 cleanup sites reporting, the statewide volunteer turnout stood at 25,570, according to the commission.   

Another winner of the most unusual items contest was a volunteer in Yolo County who found a 5.25-inch floppy disk.   

None of the young people at the cleanup could identify what it was, the Coastal Commission said.