Coca-Cola's surprising new flavor is 'super difficult to track down'

Unlike apples, a soda a day probably won’t keep the doctor away, but that doesn’t mean they can’t taste the same.

Coca-Cola has reportedly debuted a new flavor in certain parts of the world: Coca-Cola Apple. According to customers in the areas where it’s available, the new drink has been “super difficult” to track down, apparently due to high demand.


An image of the new beverage appeared on the Instagram account Junkfoodonthego, showing off the colorful new bottle. According to the post, the apple flavor is available in Japan and has also appeared in Hong Kong. The post also claims that stores “sold out everywhere” and the author was only able to track down two bottles despite visiting six different locations.

The post states, “New Apple Coke is out in Japan! Luckily enough Hong Kong got some of these the same day of the release in Japan. These have been super difficult to track down. Went to 6 different stores and only found two bottles in one of the stores. Sold out everywhere already here it’s crazy.”

According to the poster, the new drink is “quite light but the flavor is amazing. It tastes like a bit of apple juice is mixed in with the classic Coca-Cola formula. The flavor is not artificial at all which is great. I would’ve loved if the flavor was a bit stronger but in any case, I loved this! I only wish the US got this. Forget the raspberry and peach cokes, this is much better! Hopefully, they restock so I can get a couple more bottles.”

Fox News reached out to Coca-Cola to check if there were any plans to bring the apple flavor to the United States, but they did not immediately respond.

For now, U.S. customers will have to settle for Orange Vanilla Coke or Cherry Coke if they’re looking for a fruit-flavored soda.