Construction site catches fire 2nd time in two years along Oakland-Emeryville border

A joint investigation is going on in the East Bay, after a second massive fire within in two months at a construction site on the Oakland-Emeryville border. 
Fire crews sat outside the construction site near the intersection of Adeline Street and San Pablo Avenue Monday morning.  The fire started early Saturday morning, and it was the second fire at the site since July of last year. 

"There's an arsonist who doesn't want this building built and we need to find out who it is and stop them," says Rick Holliday of Holliday Development. 

"To be clear the cause of the July 2016, six-alarm fire is still part of an ongoing investigation," says Alameda County Fire Department Public Information Officer Aisha Knowles.

Holliday says the development company is in charge of building 105 apartments and retail space on the property.  

The fire that destroyed the building, was expected to be completed in January of this year. Fast forward to May 13t, when fire again destroyed the progress of the construction which was a month ahead of schedule.

Despite the two fires 10 months apart, both at the same building, investigators are treating them separately. 

"Fire investigators are starting at step one to speak with neighbors, speak with first arriving firefighters," says Knowles. 

"I just can't quit though, because I can't let somebody or some people throw a wrench into this," says Holliday. 

Since the fire in July, additional security guards were employed, and 12 surveillance cameras were set up. 

The hope is that the cause of the fire is caught on video, which is now in the hands of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives..