Coroner's jury rules 2023 Richmond police shooting a suicide

A coroner's jury has determined that a man who was fatally shot by police at his home in 2023 died by suicide, according to a press release from the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff. 

Kevin James McDonald, 66, of Richmond died on June 28, 2023, after being shot by police in his bedroom, which was full of dozens of ghost guns, police said. A coroner's inquest was requested for McDonald's death, which convened a jury and presented them with witness testimony. 

Coroner's inquests are triggered by fatalities that involve law enforcement personnel. Jury members had four options to determine how McDonald's death should be classified: accident, suicide, natural causes or at the hands of another person, other than by accident.

Police released body cam video of the shooting involving Sergeant Alex Caine and Detective Robert Branch in July of 2023. The video shows a door, partially ajar, as an officer points a rifle into a bedroom and screams, "Show your hands! Gun!" Less than a second later, gunfire can be heard. After the shots are fired, several guns can be seen throughout the bedroom. 

Police later said that McDonald pointed a loaded AR-15 rifle at them, which caused them to shoot. After searching the home, a total of 53 guns were found, including seven ghost guns. Nearly 50 of those guns were found inside McDonald's bedroom, according to police.