East Bay couple killed in stolen car crash was headed to church

The families of a man and woman killed in a hit-and-run crash in Oakland said the suddenness of what happened has left them devastated. 

They said the two victims were a couple who were headed to church with a friend when the crash happened. 

Relatives have identified them as 64-year-old Derrick Shaw of Richmond and his 67-year-old fiancée Vera Hampton of Antioch.

On Sunday just before 10 a.m., police said Shaw was driving his white SUV on 73rd Avenue in East Oakland and was making a left turn onto Holly Street when the driver in a stolen black sedan crashed into the passenger side of the SUV where his fiancée was sitting.  The couple died at the scene. 

A 48-year-old friend, the rear passenger, was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. 

He is expected to survive. 

Witnesses told police the suspect initially ran from the scene on foot.

"For somebody to think they can just get away with a life. That's detrimental.  That's heartbreaking for anybody to go through," said Shaw's daughter, Shantarika.


Crash involving stolen car in Oakland kills 2, injures another

A 25-year-old behind the wheel of a black stolen Lexus is under arrest after crashing into another Lexus in East Oakland on Sunday morning, killing two people and injuring a third. The impact was so powerful, that the white Lexus hit rolled over and came within inches of smashing into a nearby home.

Police said they found the driver near the scene and arrested him for the deadly hit-and-run crash.    

Investigators said the suspect is a 25-year-old man from Oakland. 

They said it is unknown at this time if alcohol or drugs played a role in the incident.  

Shantarika has words for the suspect:

"I hope this experience will teach you something because nobody deserved to die like that."  

She described her father as a good man who supported not only his family, but the people who worked for him and others in the community. 

"I was always impressed by how patient he was. He had so many people he helped," Shantarika said.

He worked as a security guard who eventually went on to start his own security company. 

She said he loved the work of protecting people.  

"He never put himself before other people and I always admired him for that,"said Shantarika.  

She wants the suspect to serve time behind bars, reflect on his actions, and have remorse.

"I want him to feel that pain because I'm going to feel it for the rest of my life, whether it gets easier or it doesn't, and so does her kids and her family.
And it's not fair,"said Shantarika.  

Shaw would have turned 65 Oct. 8 and had planned to have a big birthday party.

He and Hampton were looking forward to getting married. 

Both left behind children and grandchildren.

Shantarika said she is raising money to help with funeral expenses. 

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