Covered California offers health care to some for as low as $1 a month thanks to federal funds

Folks who got economically beaten and battered by the pandemic, have a real opportunity, announced Monday, to get high-quality healthcare for quite literally, a pittance: a dollar a month. 

Covered California, the state-managed low-cost medical insurance provider, announced that thanks to the funding from the federal American Rescue Plan, record numbers of people are signing up for very good insurance for at an incredibly cheap price.

Any Californian who is or was getting unemployment benefits any time in 2021, can get coverage for just a buck a month. Out of a record 1.6 million Californians who have signed up, 700,000 are getting coverage for, get this, a dollar a month. 

"If you sign up by the end of June; June 30th, you can have coverage that goes live July 1. We want to make sure that Californians know that this end of the month deadline matters because going uninsured doesn't make sense," said Peter Lee, Covered California's executive director.

If you purchase the silver plan, the most generous policy, for those who been on unemployment any time this year, it's just a buck a month. And, get this: "Your deductible is only $75 and it's doesn't apply to outpatient care at all. You need to see a doctor? It's a $5 co-pay;  A whole range of benefits and it's just a dollar a month," said Mr. Lee. Even those who are paying for more expensive insurance on their own, can convert to the new plan. 

"The American Rescue Plan is new. The savings are new and bigger than ever before, which means that for many Californians that checked last year or even this last enrollment period, they need to check again," said Lee.

Check you eligibility with the web site by putting in your household income, how many are in the household by age, zip code and whether or not you've received employment benefits this year. 

You get an immediate premium quote from a wide range of name brand providers you can choose. "These savings are big and they're making a big difference in Californians' lives," said Lee.