Anti-abortion force are happy but cautious

Though pro-abortion rights supporters are shocked and angered by the leaked Supreme Court draft decision, millions of Americans are realizing that a half-century-old dream, is finally coming true. 

Universal health care bill fails to pass in California

California Democrats on Monday failed to gather enough support to advance a government-funded universal health care system, succumbing to intense pressure from business groups and the insurance industry in an election year.

Single-payer health care set for floor vote in California Assembly

The latest effort to bring single-payer health care to California faces its next challenge on Monday. There is still a long way to go, but the state Assembly is set to hold a floor vote on AB1400, the framework for a government-funded and run, universal healthcare system.

Increasing COVID-19 outbreaks among California nursing home workers

With the rapid spread of the omicron variant, data shows 10,000 California nursing home workers are infected right now, with roughly 800 new cases of COVID-19 tallied each day. The state is allowing health care workers who test positive and are asymptomatic to continue coming to work.

Universal health care bill advances in California Assembly

California Democrats on Tuesday took their first step toward abolishing the private health insurance market in the nation's most populous state and replacing it with a government-run plan that they promised would never deny anyone the care they need.