‘Crisis' mode: 5 East Bay mayors draft letter to Gov. Brown over freeway shootings

HERCULES (KTVU)— Several Bay Area leaders say it's time the state stepped in and helped combat the number of freeway shootings in the East Bay.

That's why on Thursday mayors from Hercules, Pinole, San Pablo, El Cerrito and Richmond will send a letter asking Governor Jerry Brown for funding to add 24 cameras on the freeways. The draft of the letter claims the situation has reached "crisis" proportions. 

"What we're asking for is just to have cameras on ramp and off ramp and have the ability to record traffic on the freeway," says Hercules Mayor Dan Romero.

He says he knows the cameras won't stop all the highway shootings, but believes it could reduce the number and give officers the ability to have added eyes when they're not around.

"If we can back track after a shooting and find out what car was involved. Record that plate and contact the registered owner. That's a start," says Romero.

It's become a dangerous task driving on East Bay freeways. Tuesday night, yet another person became a victim when he was shot in the leg while in a vehicle heading eastbound on Interstate 80 just west of Highway Four.

Investigators say it is the latest in a string of shootings which they claim are targeted and gang related.

"Gang shootings are extremely difficult to investigate as victims and witnesses are often uncooperative with law enforcement investigators," says California Highway Patrol Officer John Fransen.

Investigators say the victim in this latest shooting is expected to survive. Witnesses describe the car the shooter was in as a black Chevrolet El Camino with tinted windows.

Since November of 2015, the number of people shot on East Bay freeways is 28.12 people have been injured and four people killed in those incidents.

Since March of this year CHP has started a task force with local agencies to combat the highway shootings.

"These enforcement operations are specifically tailored to address the gangs involved in these shootings," says Fransen.

There have been 15 freeway shootings on Interstate 80, five on Highway Four, Interstate 580 has had four shootings, three on Interstate 880 and one on Highway 242, all in the East Bay.