Danville nixes pickleball proposal at popular park

The Danville Town Council on Tuesday voted against adding more pickleball courts at a popular park. 

That's after people packed the town hall meeting, which included five hours of debate, regarding a proposal to build new pickleball courts at the Osage Memorial Garden.

The plan would have torn up part of the garden in order to build six new courts, in addition to the two already there. 

Some people lobbied for more courts.

One man told the council that he has a bigger network of friends in Danville since he started playing the fast-growing sport.

But another man complained about the pickleball sounds.

"The noise of a plastic ball, hitting a hard paddle, nonstop, for six to 10 hours a day, is something I'm sure none of you would like to live with," he told the council. 

Council members say they made the decision out of respect for the various noise complaints. 

The expansion plans will be postponed as the Danville leaders determine if there is a better location.

For now, council members said a sound barrier will be placed around the two courts currently at the park.