Daughter of SJPD officer shares powerful letter

A 14-year-old girl, who is the daughter of a San Jose police officer, shared with us a letter she wrote the morning after the police shootings in Dallas.

Her mother says they do their best to let her know her father is safe, but it's hard to shield her from the violence.

These are her words:

This letter is not about debating whether the shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota are justified - its about what they do to the rest of the law enforcement community. 

My Dad has been a police officer for twenty plus years and all these anti police movements have really got to him. 

An officer was recently killed in San Jose and while he was being worked on by paramedics someone had the audacity to record it and put it on social media. 

He comes home more often telling stories about how he was sitting in his patrol car and someone comes to him and harasses him. 

Yelling “F--- the police!” and recording him to see what he does. 

He is a caged animal unable to defend himself against these harsh words. 

As a police officer's  daughter these things affect me too. 

The people saying we should shoot cops for revenge scare me. 

They do not realize that after the two officers were murdered in New York  (in 2014) I winced every time I heard a car door slam while I was home. 

Every time I heard a knock on the door, I was afraid these were people coming to tell me that my dad was not coming home. 

I live in fear that someone is going to take out  their anger of police officers on my Dad who had never shot someone or targeted someone because of their race. 

I want these people to think before they comment “Time to take one of them with us.” or “We should send Alton some company” because on the other side of that keyboard someone is reading those comments. 

Someone like me who after Dallas doesn't want her dad to go to work. 

Who is scared to death he may not come home.

Who just wants people to realize how much officer's sacrifice for them to remain safe. 

At the end of the day officers just want to get home safe like everyone else.