Day of Healing events happening across Bay Area

(Roger Sayles)

Groups across the Bay Area will participate in what they are calling a national "Day of Healing and Reconciliation" on Sunday.

The event is in response to the tensions from the presidential election.

12:00 p.m.:

Starting at noon in San Rafael, political leaders and community members will gather at the Unitarian Universality Congregation of Marin. They will watch a live broadcast of a national "Day of Healing" event happening in Washington D.C.


12:30 p.m.:

At 12:30, people are also planning to attend a South Bay event to watch what's happening in Washington. Both republican and democratic leaders from Silicon Valley are expected to be at the Center for Spiritual Living in San Jose.

3:00 p.m.:

In Oakland, the group "Hands Around Lake  Merritt" is planning a peaceful response to Trump's election. Organizers want people to circle all the way around Lake Merritt starting at Empowerment Park at 3 this afternoon.