Deal reached, strike called off at Sunnyvale City Hall

Hundreds of city workers in Sunnyvale will be on the job Monday after a planned one-day strike was called off at the last minute.  

A deal was reached early Monday morning that will keep city services running at Sunnyvale City Hall.

More than 450 union employees were planning to walk the picket line Monday. Members of the Sunnyvale Employees Association called for the one day walk-out because they say they haven't been given a raise in five years.

The city was offering a 10 percent raise and a one-time signing bonus. 

Union members were asking for a 14 percent raise, and the two sides found a happy medium. 

The head of the union wouldn't say exactly what kind of raise was offered in the tentative deal, but he says the raise is fair given the rising cost of living here in Silicon Valley. 

They will vote on this agreement later this week.