Debris cleanup underway in Santa Cruz County after reporting nearly a foot of rain

The December atmospheric river over the Bay Area soaked the Santa Cruz Mountains and led to evacuation warnings, floods, and mini mudslides.

Clean-up continued Tuesday morning to clear roadways of debris, boulders, and anything else blocking traffic. According to Santa Cruz County, the storm brought in 10 inches of rain and forced partial or full shut down of 11 roads.

Some damage could be seen along Highway 9 in Boulder Creek toward Brookdale. The owner of Jenna Sue's Cafe was about a mile away.

"Our basement is flooded downstairs, but not too bad," said Jenna Lupertino.

She said the storm produced heavy winds and knocked out internet service for much of the day.

Santa Cruz County officials report about 1,200 people went without power. Some major storm damage including a total washout of Lodge Road off of Highway 236, though the area doesn't affect residents because it was burned out during the CZU complex fire. Crews continue to monitor the burn scar and if there is no threat of sliding mud or debris, then they can cancel the evacuation warning.

"We need the rain," said Lupertino. "But we need it nice and gently."

The county says they are preparing for another rain storm expected over the Bay Area by the end of the week.