Dive-bombing birds attack unsuspecting Castro pedestrians

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Dive-bombing birds are making life miserable for some shoppers heading to a supermarket in San Francisco's Castro District. 

KTVU sent cameraman Greg Grinsell to the scene after receiving a tip. He said he spotted at least half a dozen pedestrians at Market and Church near Safeway when a bird could be seen swooping down and attacking people's heads. 

Many people who live in the neighborhood said it happens every night now. 

"I walk home this way every night and maybe for three weeks now, just about every time I go by here at night I get plunked in the head," said Steve Long. 

"I was walking to Safeway over here and I felt a scratch on my head and I thought it was some meth addict or something attacking me. It was a bird attacking me," said a man named 'Irish'. 

There's no official word on why these constant attacks have been happening in recent weeks, but some people in the neighborhood say they are avoiding this intersection to avoid getting attacked.