Do-not-drink water advisory remains in place for Alameda Point

Alameda city officials said today that residents in the Alameda Point neighborhood should continue not drinking or using their tap water, but an update was issued at 8:30 p.m. that the bodily contact advisory has been lifted.

Residents should run water fixtures for 10 minutes before using water for bathing and showering, according to the city of Alameda and East Bay Municipal Utility District. 

Bacteria samples collected Tuesday night came back negative and it has been confirmed the non-potable water has been flushed. 

City officials on Tuesday issued a health alert for the Alameda Point area, where a U.S. Navy base was located for many years, after the East Bay Municipal Utility District found evidence of non-drinkable water in the drinking water system there.

City officials say Alameda Point residents west of Main Street were told not to drink the tap water or use it to brush their teeth, wash dishes, or cook.

City officials said 268 residents and more than 60 businesses are affected by the health alert and each has been notified.

Water in the other parts of Alameda has not been affected, city officials said.

Among the many areas that aren't affected are U.S. Coast Guard housing, Bayport, Summer House Apartments, and Atlantic Apartments.

City officials said that although field investigations are still ongoing, the source of the water quality issue is related to a cross-connection between a potable drinking water line and a non-potable irrigation well. 

Alameda officials said additional testing is being done today that will confirm any initial results. They said the results of the additional testing may be available by the end of the week.

EBMUD officials said they are supporting the city's efforts by flushing water pipelines to restore high water quality to the Alameda Point area.

The water quality concern is isolated to the Alameda Point water system, which is owned by the city of Alameda, EBMUD officials said.

EBMUD officials said the Alameda Point system receives water from the EBMUD water distribution system at select service points and the system is isolated from the EBMUD water system.

The city of Alameda is offering free bottled water to residents and businesses who are affected by the water quality problems. The bottled water can be picked up at the Alameda Point Collaborative office at 677 W. Ranger Ave.

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