Doctors, nonprofit hold vaccine clinic for SF’s Chinese-American community

A clinic was held Monday morning aimed at inoculating a vulnerable population that might not otherwise know where and how to get vaccinated. It's part of an ongoing effort to make sure that members of the Chinese-American community receive COVID-19 vaccinations.

There are many hurdles for those who only speak Cantonese to receive vaccinations, so a team of nonprofit and medical professionals are taking the vaccine directly to the community.

Vaccination efforts are picking up steam in San Francisco, and now a volunteer group of doctors are partnering with the non-profit Self Help For The Elderly. The doctors holding a clinic at The Jackie Chan Center in San Francisco to reach to the Cantonese speaking community that might otherwise go unvaccinated.

"These are seniors who probably wouldn't be able to register online because it's so difficult. They often don't have cell phones or computers or even children around that could help them," said Dr. Joseph Woo from the All American Medical Group.

Self Help For The Elderly reached out to Chinese Community Health Care Association and the All American Medical Group concerned that eligible people who can't navigate the online process or who lack transportation would not get their inoculations.

The group secured 2,500 doses of vaccine, and will be holding a series of clinics in neighborhoods where they are needed.

"This is something that can be replicated in any community, and we'll go out to any community if we have vaccine," said Dr. Woo.

Those doctors will be continuing their inoculation program with two more clinics this month one in Chinatown and the other in the Sunset District.